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Changing mediums

I have been painting in oil for many years. I dabbled in different mediums with the exception of watercolour. How do you control watercolour? It was a scary medium in my opinion. When I was asked to illustrate a book about stories from my high school days, I knew I had to get out whatever… read more

Gallery Opening at Jane Morgan Gallery

Last night’s Gallery opening at the Jane Morgan Gallery. I was happy to be part of the group of plein air artists showing their work; Plein Air, Studio and Still Life. Despite the gloomy weather, we had a large turn out. See the artist’s works at 4838 Brownsboro Road, Louisville, Kentucky. Artists in this post:… read more

Prather Gallery Art Show

I am happy to be one of the artists included in a show at the Prather design Gallery in LaGrange, Ky. The Plein Air Painters of Kentucky will be showing work for “All Around Kentucky” February 22 – March 28. All paintings in this show have been painted outdoors. About four times a month, the… read more

Daily Painting – the Mary Bentz Gilkerson Challenge

Mary Benz Gilkerson is a very good artist and also a generous one. She likes to help other artists on their art journey. For the month of January, she has challenged us to focus on consistency over quality. The plan is to do a quick 20-30 minute painting each day for five days.  Set up… read more

The Cloud

This poem was written by Sharon Wells Fulkerson. Another poem for the book of Dragon Tales.    The Cloud    A small calm cloud floats neatly before us; kind shade inspired lightning struck in soft heart of ancient mountain rock + railroad steel.   She often rises past our vision then visits, with cool drops… read more

Wisdom Mine

As written for the Book, In the Shadow of the Mountain.    Wisdom Mine   Man channels down through black shadows   far from where the people dwell.   On paths forgot by foot of man   dangling, swaying deep below.   Man puts his hand upon that flint,   upturns the mountain by its… read more

In the Shadow of the Mountain, writings from the heart

 It’s hard to really know how this book got started. A quick look, someone telling a story, sitting around the fire pit and laughing with old friends….maybe. The Book did start and all kinds of twists and turns brought it to a published end on June 2, 2018. In July 2017 I called my friend,… read more

The beginning of a new Pet Portrait, Woody.

A friend of mine requested I paint her daughter’s pet, Woody. The journey begins with this cute little puppy. I start with the color photo and then print it in black and white.  I am looking for the darkest darks and lightest lights. Here are the reference photos.            Now on… read more

The Never Ending Stories

A poem from the book, In the Shadow of the Mountain. An Anthology of stories written by the Harlan High School Class of 1970, Harlan, Kentucky.   The Never Ending Stories   I once heard that Dragons do not exist! Purple Cows could not roam the land. Floating Orbs of light have somehow been missed. Walking… read more

The Quiet of Ease

A little poem about growing up in a small town. Published in the Anthology of stories by Harlan High School classmates, In the Shadow of the Mountain.   The Quiet of Ease   New snow, winds blowing, Birds flying through high thin clouds Walking among Blanton’s trees, Stopping, observing inhaling and learning The quiet of… read more