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My studio

I am fortunate to have lots of room for my art studio. Not always the case. We moved from Florida to Kentucky and we now have a basement! I started out trying to be tidy in the dining room we call an office. I was thinking the basement was too dark and would be dreary.… read more

Changing mediums

I have been painting in oil for many, many years. I dabbled in different mediums with the exception of watercolour. How do you control watercolour? It was a scary medium in my opinion. When I was asked to illustrate a book about stories from my highschool days, I knew I had to get out whatever… read more

Gallery Opening at Jane Morgan Gallery

Last night’s Gallery opening at the Jane Morgan Gallery. I was happy to be part of the group of plein air artists showing their work; Plein Air, Studio and Still Life. Despite the gloomy weather, we had a large turn out. See the artist’s works at 4838 Brownsboro Road, Louisville, Kentucky. Artists in this post:… read more

Prather Gallery Art Show

I am happy to be one of the artists included in a show at the Prather design Gallery in LaGrange, Ky. The Plein Air Painters of Kentucky will be showing work for “All Around Kentucky” February 22 – March 28. All paintings in this show have been painted outdoors. About four times a month, the… read more