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Changing mediums

by Kaye Cole Hinson in Blog

I have been painting in oil for many, many years. I dabbled in different mediums with the exception of watercolour. How do you control watercolour? It was a scary medium in my opinion. When I was asked to illustrate a book about stories from my highschool days, I knew I had to get out whatever few supplies i had of this scary medium because, after all, watercolour drys faster and takes less time to complete…right? Well it does dry faster. Not so much less time depending on the method used. My studio is now overrun with tiny watercolour tubes, stacks of palettes, waaay too many brushes and all sorts of watercolour helpers. I am hooked!

With the help of a wonderful Instructor, Cathy Hillegas as my guide, I was able to get this far with “The Big Leaf”. We both admitted it was a difficult photo. As with oil paints, I was ready to throw in the towel several times but maybe, just maybe, this one will get to the finish line.

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