Daily Painting – the Mary Bentz Gilkerson Challenge

by Kaye Cole Hinson in Painting Challenges

Mary Benz Gilkerson is a very good artist and also a generous one. She likes to help other artists on their art journey. For the month of January, she has challenged us to focus on consistency over quality. The plan is to do a quick 20-30 minute painting each day for five days.  Set up the paint, mix paint and then put the timer on for 20-30 minutes. Use our biggest brushes and go for it! I’ve posted my five small paintings below. Check out her website at marybenzgilkerson.com. and see other artists work for this challenge at   #ArtWorkLivingChallenge

Day one. Bird of Paradise. 6×6″ on canvas paper.

2nd Day. The Virginia Asters (below). I have done this painting several times and tried it today in Gouache. 5×6″ on watercolor paper.

Day 3. Painted from one of my photos, Coreopsis in red vase. 8×10″ Oil on canvas.

Day 4. Three amigos tomatoes from my garden last year. 6×6 on canvas paper. 20 minute painting.

Day 5! final day of the challenge. Taken from a photo, manarch on 8×10″ canvas. 25 minute session.


Kaye Cole Hinson
Hi Janet, thanks for leavng a comment. I have been painting a LONG time. and over the years i found my painting gets better the more time I spend actually painting. As with anything, the more you do it, the better you are and more intuitive about what you are doing. Less thinking. Keep painting and you will get faster. thats what i liked about the 5 day challenge. It made me go to the easel.
Oh how I wish I could paint like this. And fast. But no matter how I try to paint like others. Mine is different. Not too bad but I guess it's like my hand writing. It's mine and not like anyone else.

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