Wisdom Mine

by Kaye Cole Hinson in Original Poems
As written for the Book, In the Shadow of the Mountain.

 Wisdom Mine

Man channels down through black shadows
far from where the people dwell.
On paths forgot by foot of man
dangling, swaying deep below.
Man puts his hand upon that flint,
upturns the mountain by its roots!
Seeks every darkened earthly ore,
and channels treasures to sunlight’s glow
But where is wisdom found?
Worth more than Orphir,
Topaz of Cush cannot compare.
The sea says, “it is not in me”
“nor me” says the deepest of earth.
Who sees below the Heavens,
Who knows the ends of the earth?
Who sets the force of wind and rain,
Gives thunderbolts their birth?
God created wisdom.
We stand on the shoulders and strength of dragons,
Ranging far from our mountain lair
The mountains ring with the sages of truth, and the love,
and the wisdom, that we learned there.
— Catherine Jones Pickar, music
— Sharon Wells Fulkerson, lyrics

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