The beginning of a new Pet Portrait, Woody.

by Kaye Cole Hinson in Painting progressions
A friend of mine requested I paint her daughter’s pet, Woody. The journey begins with this cute little puppy. I start with the color photo and then print it in black and white. 
I am looking for the darkest darks and lightest lights. Here are the reference photos.
Now on to the canvas.
I put in three ranges of value from dark to light. It is a little scary at this point but I have faith Woody will come through in the end along with his personality. I use the three primaries with a little white. One exception is the color for the eyes. I like to put in a base color disregarding value for now. Today’s canvas goes in the freezer for more brush work tomorrow. 


Here is pass two. Its been about two weeks so the canvas was very dry. But had to cover most of the canvas in paint so was able to work wet into wet. He is in the dark on the right side so going to be a challenge to bring out that eye. One more session and Woody will be complete!

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