In the Shadow of the Mountain, writings from the heart


 It’s hard to really know how this book got started. A quick look, someone telling a story, sitting around the fire pit and laughing with old friends….maybe. The Book did start and all kinds of twists and turns brought it to a published end on June 2, 2018.

In July 2017 I called my friend, Bill Looney, a published author, and ask him a simple question. “Have you ever thought about publishing a book with stories from our High School classmates?” After all, most of us had been together from kindergarten through 12th grade….Lots of stories there! After a rather long pause, he answered in a strong voice, “Yes I have and I think we can do it”. Such a simple sentence. Not a simple project, but what fun we had. Authors, teachers, friends and former classmates came together to create a book of memories called “In the Shadow of the Mountain.” We did not know where it would go or if it would go, but there was enough of a desire to tell stories and gather together that the result was this little book of  big ideas, descriptions, art and wonderful stories. Eight poems, 21 stories and 37 illustrations later, a simple idea came to life.
Along the way, we wrote, edited, painted, cajoled, begged, painted some more and after much debate about a title, created this Anthology of Dragon Tales, “In the Shadow of the Mountain.” Even the Dragon was convinced to contribute a poem. If you would like to read that poem, it’s there for you. Our book is available on Amazon. ($25) A few poems from the book are also available to read under my blog, Original Poems. The profits from sales will go to the Harlan High School Library in Harlan, Ky. We were lucky to have some wonderful teachers and mentors and we wanted to give back to our school. We hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures. 

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