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The Never Ending Stories

by Kaye Cole Hinson in Original Poems
A poem from the book, In the Shadow of the Mountain. An Anthology of stories written by the Harlan High School Class of 1970, Harlan, Kentucky.

The Never Ending Stories

I once heard that Dragons do not exist!
Purple Cows could not roam the land.
Floating Orbs of light have somehow been missed.
Walking dolls cannot walk hand in hand.
Dragons may be chartless in the class of Snake
Even Egypt can appear to be missing.
But Dragons you will find, hope for peace of mind,
Your awakening is there for your wishing.
There is a place of epic tales and heroic deeds
And stories that travel through time.
Tales from land and sea, the Class of Seventy
Will find, just look for the signs.
Among Ladies’ Slippers and rocks of chain
Take a left at kudzu curtain,
Past water of dew that makes you brand new,
Your destination is quite certain.
There stories abound about “imaginary” friends
Defender Dog and Yosemite Sam,
Talking owls in tall trees telling tales to the breeze
About wisdom mines and roots in the sand. 
You can walk and swing on a bridge over water,
Listen to wind stories and notes in the air.
Indian Pipes sing, Coral Bells ring,
The Dragon presence is there.
Stand on the shoulders and strength of the Dragon
In the shadow of the mountain glory.
Look, listen and feel this place that is real
And the Dragon will tell your story.
– The Dragon

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Yvonne Korwatch
Wow - so interesting, Kaye!!

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