by Kaye Cole Hinson in Welcome
  Thank you for visiting my website.
I am an artist, photographer and sometime writer. I have been drawing and painting as long as I remember. As a past teacher, graphic designer and realtor, I did not always have time to devote to my art. But the pull to paint has always been in my heart. Recently I had one “door” close to me but it opened a thousand windows. Windows that opened to a world of subjects to paint. Most recently I was involved in publishing an Anthology Book of stories and illustrations. See my blog about the making of the book “In the Shadow of the Mountain.”  
I currently live in Louisville, Kentucky. After living in Naples Florida off and on for about twenty years it was sad to leave the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico and tropical landscapes.
But now I welcome the beauty of the Bluegrass State. I was born in Louisville and grew up in Harlan, Kentucky. This is my home and I am making up for lost time with about 4 to 6 works sitting on my easel with Kentucky views as inspiration.
And of course, I have lots of Florida photos waiting for the canvas. I hope you find something here that speaks to your heart. 
– Kaye 

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